About the retreat

We are drawing inspiration from the Seven Day Intensive Sadhana Development Camp that is held every year in Sabah Malaysia. We were fortunate to be able to attend a special session of this wonderful program in Gran Canaria in October of 2012. We learned many things about Tantra sadhana, and especially how truly deep sadhana can be achieved simply by giving time away from the busy life to focus solely on long sadhana practice.

It is our goal to create a sadhana intensive retreat for all of those already initiated in Ananda Marga sadhana. This program is expressly designed for those who have a sincere desire to go deeper in their spiritual practices.

This retreat features more than 8 daily hours of spiritual practices, long periods of silence as well as inspiring svadhyaya moments.

Karma yoga is reduced to a minimum to allow for maximum time for kiirtan and sadhana.

A few important guidelines we ask all participants to follow and respect:

  • Full maonobrata (silence) at the designated periods
  • No cell-phone usage outside your own bedroom
  • No photos or video cameras allowed
  • Strictly no smoking inside or around the retreat venue
  • No late arrivals or early departures
  • Full commitment to the program schedule and maximum attendance


To take maximum benefit, we highly recommend all participants to do a lesson review prior to the retreat.

We also suggest you to read (or revisit) a few books which might be relevant for the topics being approached during the retreat:

• Ananda Marga Elementary Philosophy
• Yoga Sadhana
• CaryaCarya part 2

nishitaAbout the retreat