For registration please fill in the form below.

All registrations must be confirmed by the organizers.  After confirmation, participants will be asked a confirmation deposit and may proceed with their travel arrangements.

The retreat is limited to only 30 participants. As of the latest update, all the available slots are full, but some people have not confirmed 100%. So if you are interested, please register below and we will keep you in the waiting list and let you know as soon as a slot is available.


We are trying to run the retreat in a no-profit, no-loss basis. The contribution that we ask from each participant(150 €) is only enough to cover the cost for sleep and food. Obviously, there are other costs besides lodging and food, so we request to those who can, to please give an extra contribution to help cover the retreat expenses.

We also want to have the possibility of helping people with serious financial difficulties, who might not be able to afford the full price, as well as WTs and LFTs. Having extra contributions from those who are more financially stable will help us reach this goal.

You can specify an extra contribution amount in the registration form or decide during the retreat.

If you need financial help to attend, please contact us and let us know how much help you would need to cover your costs.

We believe in financial transparency. During, or at the end of the retreat, a summary of the income and expenses will be available to all. In the event of having more income than expenses, the profits will carry over to the next edition of the retreat, to support other participants.